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Depression and Mood Disorders

Questions/tests to consider:
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Depression can be manifested by sad or irritable mood, decreased interests, disturbed sleep or appetite, increased anxiety, hopeless and worthless or guilty thoughts, weight gain or loss, poor concentration, fatigue, low sex drive and even suicidal thoughts. Depression may and often con-occurs with anxiety disorders, ADD, and even addictive disorders.

More complex mood disorders can present sometimes with episodes of depression and sometimes with episodes of elevated mood, angry, irritable, highly anxious, speeded up thoughts/non-stop thoughts, restless agitation, getting overactive often not very productively or on things that may not need doing, or you do to excess, sleeping much, less, feeling wide awake at night, severe insomnia, sometimes for days or week, impulsivity in risky areas, possibly increased sex drive although not often.

Sometimes depression and the elevated mood states are mixed together.

Often patients abuse alcohol or drugs to self-medicate anxiety or mood or because judgement is poor in this state.

It is important to correctly diagnose the mood disorder from the VERY BEGINNING, which is why we use such an extensive intake combined with an interview and begin treatment. Ideally treatment is pharmacology, either psychopharmacology or natural based treatments if appropriate or if the patient prefers to start that way for less severe symptoms or a combination of both.

Individual Therapy is absolutely crucial and when severe it is important to begin more frequently, in an intensive outpatient form.

When patient is willing we try to involve family to the degree that is helpful, while maintaining important confidentiality, as this is a time that support network is very important.

At the practice we have an excellent success rate with management of depression and mood disorders, We are committed and our patients come in committed to make it work and treat the illness and prevent relapse.

Questions/tests to consider:
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