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“Executive” Attention Deficit Disorder.

Many adults meet criteria for ADD, although they might not have struggled as a child. They notice distractibility, poor concentration, forgetfulness, misplacing things, procrastination, difficulty finishing tasks, multitasking to avoid the problem of maintaining sustained concentration.

Sometimes ADD presents later in adulthood, associated with age, physical disease, brain changes, nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, obesity, medication use, result of addictive disorders, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some adults have mild symptoms like these, but have high functioning jobs requiring maximal brain functioning, and busy lives outside of work, with families or extracurricular activity.  These adults meet criteria for “soft ADD” or “ADD not otherwise specified”, and can benefit from tools, psychopharmacological medicines e.g. Nuvigil or stimulants e.g. Concerta, or holistic/natural treatment products designed to maximize brain function.

Most will benefit from a nutrition consultation and an exercise plan if the patient agrees. Often diet and exercise plans are poor.  Patients can benefit from meditation skills.

Some of the newer medications can be remarkably effective for neuroenhancement in adults, and can enable a busy adult with high expectations at work, home and leisure to fulfill their highest potential.

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