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Treatments: Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

This is the comprehensive and important evaluation procedure performed at the beginning of treatment.

It marks the beginning of the relationship with the patient, to develop rapport.

It also allows important time for interview and to develop a diagnosis, which then prepares the Doctor-Patient team for the formulation of a treatment plan.

Written evaluation and testing prior to the evaluation is followed by an interview of one to one and one half hour visit.

There are several components to this evaluation.

  1. Telephone call screening. When you call, you will talk to one of Dr. Oddy’s assistants and review a few basic details about the concerns you are wanting help with. It is important to let Dr. Oddy or his assistant know what symptoms or difficulties you are having when you call Details of the practice, including fees and billing will be explained and we will begin to decide if Dr. Oddy would be right for you and if to continue the evaluation process.

Please download office forms , fill them out and bring them to your appointment.

  1. You will continue the evaluation by preparing intake forms, which summarize important aspects of your medical history, important relationships in your life, and past psychiatric treatment.
  2. You will also complete psychological tests that you will download from the website. These will assist Dr. Oddy in performing a fuller and more comprehensive diagnostic evaluation.
  3. We will arrange a time for Dr. Oddy to meet with you for an interview, to listen face to face your concerns, review the results of your test materials and evaluation materials, and discuss diagnostic issues, and treatment planning.
  4. In the evaluation, Dr. Oddy will interview you about your history of current and past mental health difficulties and medical history, you will receive a diagnostic formulation and Dr. Oddy will discuss your options for treatment planning.
  5. The new Doctor-Patient team will begin to develop a plan for psychological and medical treatments.

You may arrange to continue treatment in the form of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, or addiction management after this initial visit.